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  • Are You Ignoring an Important Connection Between Gluten, Your Gut, and Hashimoto's?

    ⮞ The link between Hashimoto’s, Gut health, Gluten, and Autoimmunity.

    ⮞ Food journaling, health and personal well-being.

    ⮞ Mind-body-spirit approach to healing.

  • Gut Health, Self Love, and Overcoming Fear 

    ⮞ Why the gateway to optimal wellness is a healthy gut

    ⮞ The science behind my gut healing program
    ⮞ Easy ways we can restore our gut health (+ a few of my favorite gut-friendly foods)

  • How to Heal Your Gut: Exploring the Latest Bacterial Science and New Treatments

    Listen to the podcast
    ⮞ We talk about sugar and insulin resistance in relation to diabetes, microbiomes, and omega-6 fats
    ⮞ The 7 big systems in your body affected by leaky gut:...

  • How Stress Damages The Gut and How to Create True Emotional Resilience

    ⮞ Also available on Apple Podcasts
    ⮞ The impact of chronic psychological stress and childhood trauma on the gut
    ⮞ The importance of a diverse microbiome and a diet rich in fiber and fermented foods

  • How True Wellness Is Achieved by the Power of the Gut-Body-Mind-Spirit Connection

    ⮞ Using Meditation & Functional Medicine to Reverse Gut Issues  

    ⮞ Cultivating the Gut-Body-Mind-Spirit Connection 

    ⮞ Smart Tools for Improving Gut Health