Say goodbye to: Chronic fatigue, frequent headaches, brain fog, IBS and bloating for good!

Since a healthy gut lining is essential for bowel regularity, a flat belly, increased energy, metabolism and a strong immune system, a daily gut lining supportive powder can assist with getting you back on track.

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  • L-glutamine

    Prolonged physiological and metabolic stress may deplete L-glutamine stores, making it a conditionally essential amino acid

  • Zinc carnosine

    Zinc complexed with the amino acid L-carnosine (often deficient in vegans or vegetarians) for impressive mucosal-protective properties.

  • Quercetin

    An antioxidant and prebiotic in one. Helps promote a healthy mucin layer to coat and protect the intestinal lining, forming a “first line” of defense against pathogens.

  • DGL, Aloe, Slippery Elm, Marshmallow

    Promote the healing of ulcers and inflamed tissue inside the intestinal lining. Relax, soothe and coat the intestinal lining.

Get rid of gut-related issues once and for all

It can be frustrating while on the journey of healing your gut. Spending your time, energy & money on products that can’t provide what they originally promised can be defeating. That’s why we use quality ingredients backed with science to help knock out those unwanted symptoms. Get back to feeling better- if you want to learn more, check out our blog.



How much water should I drink when I take it?

You should try to drink about ½ cup of water with your Activate Plus digestive enzymes.

What if I don’t feel an effect after taking one capsule with each meal?

 It’s possible that your stomach acid and enzyme production may be so low that you actually need more than one capsule with each meal. If that’s the case, you will not feel any difference after taking one capsule. If you’ve tried taking one capsule with a few meals with no noticeable results, then you can try increasing it to two capsules for the next couple of meals. If your bloating, indigestion or heartburn improve, then you require a higher dose than the standard recommended dose, and that’s ok, too.

What if I’m out to dinner or a big event where I might eat more than usual?

If you’re expecting to eat a much bigger plate of food than you usually eat, then we recommend you increase the dose of Activate Plus by one additional capsule beyond what you usually would take with a meal. Again, monitor your symptoms and make sure your response to the dose is as expected.

How soon does Activate Plus start working?

After you eat, food will feel like it sits more lightly in your stomach than it did before. The food will move easily from your stomach into your intestines, free of bloating or that post-meal coma. 

Will I feel full after a meal?

You’ll still feel normal fullness after a meal, but it will only last for about 20 to 30 minutes then dissipate, rather than feeling like the food sits in your stomach for hours, like it used to after big meals.  

Can I take Activate Plus if I suffer from acid reflux?

As I discuss in this blog post, acid reflux is the opposite of what people think it is, and it shouldn’t keep you from being able to enjoy spicy foods. Contrary to popular belief, when you experience heartburn, you’re not producing enough stomach acid and enzymes to digest your food. So, Activate Plus replenishes those lost enzymes and acid, helping you digest your food better, which then actually prevents acid reflux. As a result, your heartburn will be markedly reduced or even gone within the first two weeks of taking Activate Plus. You may even be able to wean off of any damaging acid-blocking medications.

What can I expect within the first week or two of taking Activate Plus?

By the end of the first week (or less), you’ll start to feel an increase in your energy, as you digest protein better, providing your body with the amino acids needed to power every cellular process in your body. And by two weeks, you will feel even more energetic, as well as happier, as the nutrients your body is now absorbing better provide the building blocks for enzymes, tissue repair, and neurotransmitters like serotonin (your “happiness” molecule).

Dr. Pedre on Good Morning America

“Your gut is the seat of all health…if you heal your gut, you heal your body”. Watch Dr. Pedre’s appearance on Good Morning America to learn more about his gut & digestive health research breakthrough."