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  • Restore | High-Potency Probiotic

    RESTORE is a boutique probiotic blend consisting of ten of the most highly-researched probiotic strains to target gut health. The diversity and therapeutically significant quantity of these strains address common gastrointestinal conditions, bowel function, and varying degrees of gut microbiome imbalances triggered by antibiotic therapy, lifestyle choices, dietary imbalances or stress.

  • Cleanse Shake | Meal Replacement

    CLEANSE SHAKE is essentially a complete detox spa in a single powder. It contains a comprehensive combination of nutrients, antioxidants, herbs, fiber, and organic fruit and vegetable extracts that aid the body’s defenses against pollutants and other harmful substances, including medications, excess hormones, and the everyday waste products of normal, healthy metabolism.

  • The HAPPY GUT® RESET: 7-Day Detox

    A proven, doctor-created program, developed over 20 years of research, to quickly break through a weight loss plateau, achieve that flat belly, boost your energy, and think more clearly

  • The HAPPY GUT® 28-Day Cleanse Program

    Transform your health with Happy Gut's 28-day cleanse, designed by America's #1 Gut Doctor torestore energy,balance hormones,and promotehealthy digestionandglowing skin.

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