3-day Challenge

A Healthier, Happier Gut In Just 3 Days?

Discover how easy it is to recharge your gut in just one weekend using a food-based plan, so you can stop worrying about your digestion and uncover the potential within you to heal.

*Created by America’s leading functional medicine Gut Expert, Dr. Vincent Pedre.

Use this 3-day gut challenge to take back control of your health, calm your digestive system and help bring your body back into anti-inflammatory balance. By extracting the best parts of my Happy Gut® Blueprint and simplifying it into a 3-day gut recharge, busy people like you can easily complete this over a weekend, starting on a Friday morning.

✔️ 10 delicious, easy-to-make recipes to rejuvinate your microbiome

✔️ A simple, day-by-day, gut-healing meal plan spanning the full 3 days

✔️ Easy -to-Follow “Insider Hacks” to Accelerate & Enhance Your Results

Inside the HAPPY GUT® RECHARGE You’ll Discover How To:

✔️ Calm your digestive system

✔️ Help bring your body back into anti-inflammatory balance

✔️ Take back control of your health

✔️ A simple plan to reset your gut in just one weekend

✔️ Nurture your gut and body back to health

✔️ And so much more!

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