The Nutrient-Powerhouse Nut You've Never Heard About (till Now)

The Nutrient-Powerhouse Nut You've Never Heard About (till Now)

Ever wondered what a  mix between peanuts and cashews  would taste like (without the gut problems and other issues associated with peanuts)?

Then you’ve got to try  baru nuts .

I recently met the founder of  BarĂčkas , which make these fantastic nuts, and they truly lived up to their hype. Their inspiring story about bringing this new superfood to the states made me curious about these nuts, and one taste converted me.

Baru nuts are non-genetically modified (GMO) and gluten-free. Among their many benefits include:

Healthy Fats

Baru nuts come packed with  healthy fats to keep you satiated. Skip the high-carb snack foods loaded with sugar and opt for this gut-friendly alternative.


A serving of baru nuts has an impressive  7 grams of protein . (To put that into perspective, one egg also contains about 7 grams of protein.) Talk about an easy source for long-lasting energy throughout your day. ( 1,2)


Fiber is essential for a healthy gut and daily elimination. Adding baru nuts into your meals allows for an easy and tasty way to incorporate 8 grams  of fiber daily.  ( 1)


Baru nuts are loaded with antioxidants  to support your immune system and reduce inflammation. ( 3)


Each serving contains  vitamins and minerals like magnesium, zinc, potassium, vitamin E, and calcium. Most foods have become depleted of trace minerals and vitamins because of our modern-day farming methods. ( 1)


Baru nuts contain no chemicals or pesticides. ( 1) Minimizing your toxic burden food can benefit your microbiome and overall health. With baru nuts, you don’t have to worry about exposure to harmful chemicals or making sure its stamped with the organic seal.


Overall, baru nuts provide an amazing nutrient profile to support gut and overall health, but I was also inspired by their commitment to wildlife preservation and sustainability.

The entire life cycle of the baru serves a purpose and has a huge impact on its surroundings. The trees of the baru nut grow wild in the Cerrado, a region in Brazil. The small nut that falls from the tree has a tremendous impact.

Modern-day agriculture has threatened the Cerrado, negatively impacting baru nuts. Trees have been cut down and deforestation is a major threat to the nut, other species, and communities in the area. Due to changes in the agriculture system and underdeveloped region, residents struggle to find work. ( 1)

Fortunately, with increased interest about baru nuts and their many health benefits, trees are being preserved and local people have jobs. ( 1)

You’ll feel good while also feeling good about  helping others and the environment .

Baru nuts are an excellent addition  to a salad or smoothie. They mix well with other nuts and dark chocolate for a quick snack or dessert.

As a special offer to my readers, you can get 15% OFF your first order with the discount code HAPPYGUT . Just visit here to purchase baru nuts and start enjoying the goodness.

If you’re like me, you’ll be blown away by how amazing these nutrient-packed nuts taste. Let me know what you think in the comments below or on my Facebook page !



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