Quick & Easy Detox | 5 Hacks for Busy People

Quick & Easy Detox | 5 Hacks for Busy People

Raise your hand if you’ve ever started a detox, only to abandon it a few days (Or even a few hours!) later. Now, I know we’re not all in a room together, but my guess is that most of you would have to have your hand in the air! Detoxes are big commitments, not just in terms of time but also money and energy. If you’re not fully “in” on your detox, the reality is that you probably won’t get to the finish line.

That said, your detox systems are still a critical piece of your overall health. Without a healthy and thriving detoxification system, you’ll end up with symptoms like headaches, fatigue, sleep issues, skin issues, and weight gain.

So what’s the solution? Over the years I’ve developed many strategies for supporting healthy detoxification — including a 28-Day REBOOT and a 7-Day RESET intensive program — but there’s one that stands out for especially busy people with no time to waste.

Daily Detox Fundamentals for Busy People

It can be a scary fact to conceptualize, but every single day your body encounters dozens of toxins that threaten your health . These chemicals are in your food, water, air, and even your cosmetics and medications. As you can probably guess, this constant onslaught of chemicals can stress the body, leading to toxic build up and the uncomfortable symptoms that go with them.

Knowing this, and the fact that most detoxes are huge time and energy commitments, can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle against these chemicals.

But here’s a secret nobody else will tell you: Detoxing doesn’t have to be a huge time and energy investment . When I talk to my patients about detoxing, so many of them think of lemon water and green juice, having to take days off of work, and going days without solid food. But the truth is that your body is already a finely tuned detox machine.

You don’t need to put your life on hold in order to detox, because with the right support your body is a detox machine.

Aside from doing an intensive program once or twice a year (I’m a big fan of them, because nothing cleans the insides like a well-designed program), you can invest in daily detox practices that reduce toxin build up in the first place . If you take this approach to detoxification — and take time to support your liver and get the right types of antioxidants — you can do it in as little as 5 minutes a day.

So, how do you do it? Follow the steps below.

1. Support the Liver

The liver is the main detox organ, which means that basically everything you consume –– from the food you eat and the medications you take to the cosmetics you use –– has to be filtered through it. The liver only weighs three pounds but it’s responsible for so much of what your body needs to thrive, including converting toxins into waste, cleansing your blood, and metabolizing medications and nutrients and medications to fuel and heal the body.

Even on a good day the liver has a tough job. But here’s where things get tricky: It’s estimated that people are exposed to over 100,000 chemicals in their lifetime and every year, about 1,000 new chemicals are added to that list.

How to do it daily : Eat foods with nutrients that naturally support the liver, such as b vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants.

2. Get the Right Antioxidants

When our liver isn’t being supported properly and we’re exposed to too many toxins, it can be like trying to get onto the freeway during rush hour — there are just too many cars and not enough highway. When this happens, you can end up like one of my patients, Martha, who came to me with fatigue, brain fog, bloodshot eyes, and constant headaches. These are classic signs that toxins are accumulating in your body , leading to oxidative stress, which can damage cells and contribute to chronic health issues. The good news is that if you remember from high school science class, antioxidants act as an antidote to oxidative stress.

How to do it daily : Eating a diverse array of brightly colored fruits and vegetables, which contain antioxidants such as glutathione-precursor cysteine and vitamin C, is key. You can also drink green tea daily, which contains the very potent antioxidant epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or EGCG. An organic matcha latte with almond milk is my favorite.

3. Rebalance the Gut

You can’t talk about detoxification without also mentioning the gut. Why? Because the liver and gut are intricately connected. For example, did you know that the liver gets most of its blood supply from the intestines via the portal vein, and that much of the food that gets broken down in the gut gets sent to the liver to be converted into usable energy? Studies have also linked the health of the gut microbiome to conditions in the liver, like non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Forgetting to rebalance the gut is one of the biggest detox mistakes you can make. And unfortunately, it’s all too common! You can rebalance the gut by avoiding the foods, food additives, and beverages that disrupt the gut bacteria and tend to bog down the liver. This includes sugar-filled and processed foods, which are high in one of the worst sweeteners, responsible for the growing rates of fatty liver among adults — high-fructose corn syrup.

How to do it daily : Avoid added sugars, which can lead to gut-health imbalances, and consume gut-healing nutrients, like l-glutamine and fermented foods instead.

4. Poop Every Morning

Speaking of elimination… Want to know the golden rule of detoxification? Here it is:

“A poop a day keeps the toxins away”

Sometimes my patients are embarrassed to talk about their bowel movements, but the truth is that your poop is one of the best indicators of your overall health, including your gut health and your detox status. (Plus, did you know that 14 percent of the world struggles with constipation? It’s about time we all get comfortable talking about number two!).

How to poop daily : If you suffer from chronic constipation, getting adequate fiber, hydration, exercise, and supplements like magnesium citrate can help you get back on track.

5. Lean on Supplements

We can do our best to get adequate antioxidants, amino acids, and other detox-supporting vitamins and minerals in our daily diet, but considering our busy lives and the thousands of toxins in our environment, that’s not always realistic. That’s where supplements come in. Supplements are no substitution for a healthy diet and lifestyle, but they’re a great way to make sure you’re getting the RIGHT doses of the RIGHT nutrients, every single day.

That said, not all supplements are created equally. It’s important to look for a physician-formulated supplement with the correct doses of the right nutrients to support the liver and gut; otherwise, you risk wasting time and money on a low-quality supplement that doesn’t truly help you detox efficiently.

How to do it daily : Invest 30 seconds in the morning and 30 seconds at night on my HAPPY GUT ®  Detox Duo sister supplements for easy liver health maintenance.

Can You Detox in Less Than 1 Minute Day?

Despite the thousands of toxins in our environment, our bodies have an amazing natural ability to remove these toxins when given the right support. What most people don’t know is that liver detoxification happens in two phases — and that each phase requires different nutrients to function optimally. Phase 1 detox — which requires nutrients like B vitamins, folic acid, and glutathione — involves mobilizing and breaking down toxins that have been bogging down the body.

During this process, the liver produces free radicals and if the body doesn’t have an adequate antioxidant defense system and healthy phase II pathways, toxins can potentially become more dangerous. Phase II involves transforming those toxins into a form that allows them to be eliminated from the body, and requires nutrients like taurine and vitamin C.

After years helping patients detox, I find that issues most commonly occur in Phase II liver detox due to sluggish phase 2 liver detoxification enzymes. The good news is that once you know what nutrients each phase requires, you can support Phase II for efficient elimination.

As you can see, t he secret to not wasting your time and money lies in detoxing smarter, not harder . This is exactly why I developed my HAPPY GUT ® Detox Duo supplement. These sister supplements were formulated with synergistic ingredients to support Phase I and Phase II liver detox, containing the vitamins, trace minerals, nutrients and amino acids necessary to optimize how your liver clears toxins.


DETOX1 [Phase I Liver Detox]

  • Supports Phase I detoxification pathways
  • Supports the safe & natural elimination of toxins and heavy metals
  • Increases antioxidant activity
  • Provides precursors & cofactors for detoxification enzymes
  • Supports healthy levels of glutathione — the body’s master antioxidant
  • Boosts energy levels & improves mental clarity

DETOX2 [Phase II Liver Detox]

  • Supports Phase II detoxification pathways
  • Optimizes the removal of Phase I liver detox metabolites, preventing their accumulation — which can lead to DNA damage
  • Supports the safe & natural elimination of toxins and heavy metals
  • Helps reduce brain fog & clear thinking
  • Supports proper weight management

5 Key Ingredients for Quick and Easy Detox

With ingredients like taurine, glutathione, and folate, these sister supplements contain everything you need to support both Phase I and phase II liver detox. These supplements combine all five tips above into a single step. You can easily add all of the HAPPY GUT ® Detox Duo’s antioxidants and targeted amino acids to your morning routine, and repeat in the evening for added detoxification support.

Green Tea Extract

1.Green tea extract

I made sure to add 50mg of clinically-proven green tea extract to the Detox Duo. This ingredient is incredibly high in antioxidants, especially one particularly potent antioxidant called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which has been shown to fight free radicals and prevent cells from damage. It even has antidotal and protective effects on chemical and environmental toxins, according to a study published in 2017.


2. Taurine

The Detox Duo is formulated with 125mg of taurine for mental clarity and to fend off pesky brain fog and lack of concentration. Taurine is an amino acid that is particularly abundant in the brain. Studies show that taurine can promote mood stability. In fact, one of taurine’s main roles is in promoting nerve cell growth and protecting the brain from further damage after a traumatic event.


3. N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)

NAC is a potent antioxidant that supports the safe and natural elimination of toxins and heavy metals. Studies have shown that NAC can prevent damage to the liver and kidneys after toxic exposures, boosts brain health, and supports healthy blood sugar levels by decreasing inflammation in fat cells.


4. L-glutamine

L-glutamine is an amino acid that directly supports gut health by helping to rebalance and sustain the balance of the gut microbiome and increase the health of tight junction proteins, which are responsible for the integrity of the gut lining. One study even showed that supplementing with L-glutamine after an infection causing diarrhea-predominant IBS led to a dramatic reduction in symptoms.

stevia for weight management

5. Glutathione

Known as both the “master” antioxidant and the “detox” antioxidant, there was no way I could formulate a detox supplement kit without this all-important ingredient. Glutathione is considered the “master” antioxidant because it supports the production of other key antioxidants, like vitamin C and vitamin E. It’s known for its role i n the body’s detoxification pathways thanks to its ability to bind to heavy metals and chemicals, making them water-soluble so they can then be excreted from the body.

I’ve helped thousands of patients achieve easy, efficient detoxification using the tips in this blog, which have taken me years to refine and perfect. But don’t take my word for it!


Here’s what Alessandra had to say about the Detox Duo:

“No need for coffee to boost energy and I love the increased mental clarity.” — Alessandra

There’s no time to waste to recover from business dinners or nights out on the town. By making the Detox Duo a part of your daily routine , your liver will better handle the toxins life throws your way. If you bought all the right supplements in your health food store, you’d spend at least three hundred dollars putting together this protocol, while wasting valuable time without a guarantee on quality. Instead, we’ve managed to put them all together for you in a physician-grade formula, at half the cost.

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