Is your breakfast shake giving you the SHAKEY SHAKES?


Reader Question : I’ve been drinking celery juice every morning. My stomach was upset today after drinking a shake made of almond milk, blueberries, banana, papaya, chia seeds and flaxseed.  Any suggestions?


Happy Gut Answer from Dr. Pedre : You have to break it down into steps, which is what I do with my Gut C.A.R.E. Program in Happy Gut .  One thing that stands out is the almond milk. Many people think all almond milks are made the same, but many of them have an ingredient which has been shown in studies to aggravate IBS and cause gut inflammation…or the “shakey-shakes”!

That ingredient is carrageenan — a derivate of red edible seaweeds, used by the food industry as a thickener.  Almond milks that do not use carrageenan generally add sunflower lecithin instead.  They also use guar gum, which may not sit well with some people.  The best is to make your own at home.  Our Happy Gut Chefs have created delicious recipes for homemade almond milk and almond-coconut milk to use with the Happy Gut Breakfast Smoothie Recipes.  See the recipes in Happy Gut Kitchen. 

I know you’ll enjoy making them.

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