The Real Secret to Weight Loss Without Counting Calories

The Real Secret to Weight Loss Without Counting Calories

[Hint: It’s Not What You Think]

There’s nothing worse than going through your closet, trying on outfit after outfit, only to find that everything is just a little bit too tight. Stubborn pounds, weight gain, and struggling to lose weight are something so many of us deal with day after day, and it can be frustrating, discouraging, and upsetting. After a while, those stubborn pounds that we just can’t seem to lose will inevitably affect our confidence, our health, and our quality of life. 

Despite what many of you have learned, healthy and sustainable weight loss is not as simple as eating less and exercising more; it’s not a simple “calories in versus calories out” equation like we’ve been led to believe. Instead, your ability to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight is intricately wrapped up in your overall metabolic health and yes — your gut health too! 

So, before you try the next crash diet or go crazy from calorie counting, read all the way through to the end of this blog. I’ll be sharing the REAL secret to shedding stubborn pounds — and it’s not as complicated as you might think! 

The Gut-Weight Gain Connection

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As America’s Gut Doctor , I write extensively about detoxing, digestive health, and the incredible influence the gut microbiome has on our health as humans. If you’re a reader of my blog or newsletter, you already know that the status of the gut influences your nervous system , energy levels, and immune system . But did you know your gut health can also influence your metabolism? It’s true! And the status of your metabolism is what really controls your ability to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Many of my patients have struggled for years with weight loss, and the solution is almost always hiding in the gut.

This gut-weight gain connection isn’t just something I’ve noticed in my office, either. Years of scientific research show the secret to shedding stubborn pounds lies in the gut. For example: 

  • Research shows that overweight individuals have a lower diversity of gut bacteria and are more likely to suffer from leaky gut.

  • One study showed that the specific makeup of your gut bacteria can actually determine how much weight and fat you are able to lose on a diet. (Yes, really!)

  • Research also shows that when the gut bacteria of obese mice are implanted into mice of an average weight, they start to gain weight immediately.

  • Research has linked specific bacterial strains, such as Prevotella, to weight loss thanks to their ability to degrade complex carbohydrates and produce compounds that reduce inflammation.

Interestingly, studies have also shown that restrictive diets actually decrease the microbiota abundance and are correlated more with nutrient deficiency than weight loss. In contrast, supplementing with prebiotics — which are found naturally in diverse plant-based foods — was associated with a healthier gut microbiome and reduced body fat . This info forces you to re-think a few things you may have learned over the years, doesn’t it?

“The secret to weight loss is in a diverse diet that heals the gut and rebalances the microbiome— not in counting calories or restricting yourself.”

So, now onto the next important question: How do you heal the gut and lose weight without counting calories? After years of helping my patients successfully lose weight and keep it off, I’ve found that a successful weight loss protocol has a few key elements.

A Doctor-Approved Protocol for Weight Loss

… Without Counting Calories

Put these five foundational elements together and you have a program that will make weight loss possible without endless portion control, calorie counting, and restriction. 

1. Gut Healing

As we just learned, weight loss and gut health are intricately connected. This means that any good weight loss program needs to focus on rebalancing the health of the gut ecosystem and the gut wall. This can be done with  targeted supplements, probiotics, herbs, and digestive enzymes that promote these processes.

2. Community Support

Losing weight and keeping it off requires us to make big changes to our habits and lifestyle. That’s not something we can or should do alone! Building a supportive community can mean anything from connecting with others on a weight loss journey to asking your friends to help you stay more active, to requesting that your partner keep junk food out of the house. This not only makes weight loss easier to accomplish and maintain, it makes it a lot more fun. 

3. Plenty of Protein

If you want to lose weight without counting calories, focusing on eating high quality protein throughout the day is key. Protein is satiating and provides you with stable energy. When we don’t get enough, it can lead to fatigue, cravings, and other symptoms that threaten to sabotage our weight loss goals. Too many weight loss programs cut protein out of the diet, and this can have negative consequences. For example, many cleanses require you to drop your protein intake so much that it actually stalls Phase II liver detoxification, because you’re missing the amino acid substrates to power the enzymes that control this critical step.  

4. Detoxification Support

Speaking of liver detoxification, a foundational aspect of sustainable weight loss without counting calories is supporting healthy detoxification. Why? Because if you’re not detoxing correctly, you can’t lose weight. And unfortunately, it’s all too easy for our bodies to be overrun by toxins in our modern world, with no shortage of air and water pollution, chemicals in our cosmetics and clearing products, and prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. If we want to lose weight, we need to support liver detoxification with plenty of protein as well as other liver-supporting nutrients and herbs. 

5. Fruit ONLY in Moderation

Many people decide they want to lose weight, so they start eating a ton of fruit or fruit-based products, like juice or dried fruit. And it sounds reasonable at first — fruit is filled with antioxidants, it’s healthy, and it’s got fiber, right? This is such a common mistake I see among my patients — they start a cleanse or a weight loss program, cut out dessert and added sugar, and start eating fruit with abandon. Soon they find that their sugar cravings are increasing instead of decreasing! So what GIVES?  Unfortunately, fruit is also full of a sugar called fructose, which can trigger candida, gut bacterial imbalances, and even insulin resistance. 

The HAPPY GUT® REBOOT for Easier Weight Loss


After working with patients for years to help them lose weight using the elements above, I decided to create my own protocol — the HAPPY GUT ® Blueprint — which became the foundation for the Gut C.A.R.E. ® Program, which has helped thousands of people nationwide lose weight without counting calories, and much to their surprise, also heal their gut-related health issues.

I designed this cleanse to provide the body with bountiful, diverse foods that will help it thrive, instead of restricting calories and nutrients like protein. This program incorporates specific ingredients that heal the gut and support liver detox to make weight loss easier. If you want to lose weight here’s why this cleanse stands out from the rest:

1. Cleanse Shake

We need plenty of protein for weight loss, but not all protein sources are good for the gut. That’s why the HAPPY GUT ® REBOOT Cleanse Shake contains hypoallergenic pea protein , which is plant-based, non-irritating to the gut, and helps you detox by providing necessary amino acids. This Cleanse Shake can act as an easy-to-digest meal replacement that will leave you satiated and crush cravings.

2. Cleanse Supplement

This supplement contains a proprietary blend of botanical ingredients designed to support healthier microbiome balance, including berberine. It contains compounds that are antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, and antifungal to provide a full court press against bad bugs that may be in your gut.

3. Activate

This comprehensive plant-based digestive enzyme supplement includes a wide range of digestive enzymes for the three most important macronutrient categories: Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Digestive enzymes are key to tackling chronic bloat and making sure you’re getting the most nutrients from the food you eat.

4. Restore

Getting the gut microbiome in fighting shape is a key part of losing weight, which is why the HAPPY GUT ® REBOOT features 100 Billion CFUs of ten of the most well-researched bacterial strains to rebalance the microbiome and prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria.

5. Enhance

The link between weight gain and leaky gut is well-known, which is why Enhance includes key nutrients needed to heal the gut lining and intestinal health function, like l-glutamine, slippery elm, and aloe vera extract .

6. Relax

Designed to support colon function and regular bowel movements, Relax contains two key ingredients. The first is magnesium hydroxide , which works by drawing water from surrounding tissues into the intestines to promote intestinal motility, and the second is triphala , which has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for decades to assist with constipation.

Now, I know that cleanses have a reputation for being restrictive, time-consuming, and even dangerous. Believe me, I get it! 

There are likely a million reasons in your head right now why now isn’t the right time to do a cleanse, such as:  

"I don’t have the time..."

I won’t beat around the bush: Completing a 28-day cleanse is a commitment. But the HAPPY GUT ® REBOOT is also designed to make it as easy and convenient as possible, as long as you’re willing to COMMIT to the full 28-day program.

"I could never give up sugar..."

Removing sugar isn’t something you should do without a structured program that will help guarantee success, and the REBOOT is designed to get to the root cause of cravings and sugar addiction .

"Cleanses are too restrictive..."

Many cleanses make you feel like you’re trapped in a box, unable to ever have a real meal. The REBOOT comes with access to an app and recipe guide that will help make sure you’re eating delicious and filling meals during the 28 days.

"I’ll just gain the weight back..."

Unlike other cleanses that drastically cut calories or cause you to shed nothing but water weight, this cleanse gets to the root cause of unwanted, stubborn pounds. I’ve seen so many patients complete this program and keep the weight off many months and even years later. Why? Because it’s not a diet! It’s a whole lifestyle program that helps to re-establish balance in the gut microbiome, creates lasting changes in gut health that affect the rest of your body, and rewires your relationship with food. When done exactly as prescribed, this program creates lasting weight loss others will notice, too.

"Is it really science-backed?"

As America’s Gut Doctor , I’ve not only used my extensive knowledge of functional medicine to ensure this program is safe and effective, I’ve read all the science on gut health to tailor this program to address the gut-weight gain connection.

Not convinced yet?

By now I’ve hopefully convinced you that you can finally shed those stubborn pounds without counting calories. But this program is beneficial for way more than just weight loss.

Do you: 

  • Experience excessive bloating after meals?

  • Suffer from frequent heartburn or indigestion?

  • Experience brain fog or have trouble remembering things?

  • Experience frequent mood swings?

  • Have trouble losing weight and keeping it off?

  • Suffer from chronic autoimmune disease?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, you could benefit from this REBOOT

But there’s one very important last question I need you to answer…

Are you willing to invest the time in yourself?

Because you can’t half do this cleanse. You’ve got to be ALL-IN . If you’re not willing to put 100% effort into it, then this cleanse is probably not for you. You’re better off doing something quick and easy that may give you results in the short-term, but probably not in the long-term. This cleanse is for people who are truly committed to their health in a big way.

Ok, if you’re still reading and that didn’t discourage you, then… 

What are you waiting for? This 28-day plan is the perfect way to start off the new year. 

Special One-Time Offer


If it’s your first time doing the HAPPY GUT ® 28-Day Cleanse, we’ll give you $200 OFF to get started TODAY!

Simply add item to the cart then use Promo Code: REBOOT200 at checkout.  It’s that easy!

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